An open source implementation of Sid Meier's Civilization

Website Information


9 April 2018

  • Added stylesheet modifications for mobile screen

  • Updated CivOne logo

  • Updated sidebar information

  • Updated website styling

  • Fixed: Format variables in code blocks

8 April 2018

  • Search results now include news articles

  • Plugins have their own pages

7 April 2018

  • Added support for h4, h5 and h6 tags

  • Added news article titles

  • Added pagination to news page

  • News articles now have seperate pages

6 April 2018

  • Added support for bold, italic and strikethrough text

  • Added support for unordered lists

  • Added Website Information page

  • Added seperator between articles

  • Implemented support for variables in textfiles

  • Fixed: Uneven number of underscore characters caused webpages to crash

  • Fixed: Underscores in href was not handled correctly

5 April 2018

  • Implemented simple website search function