An open source implementation of Sid Meier's Civilization

Latest news

Linux build available

18 November 2017

I have added a Linux (x64) build of CivOne to the Downloads page.

To use it, simply unzip and run. If you run into any problems, please create an issue on GitHub or contact me on the CivFanatics forums.

32-bit issues resolved

17 November 2017

The 32-bit issue has been resolved. I've created a new release which is available on the downloads page.

Switched to SDL

16 November 2017

Hello there, long time no see. I've been busy.

The latest news is that I have switched from OpenTK to SDL (which, I think, is the more logical choice for a 2D game).

Today, I have created a new build (r1226). For now it is 64-bit only because the 32-bit version crashes upon launch. It is available in the Downloads section of the website.

Plugin support

8 August 2017

I have created a new preview build of CivOne. This new version includes a lot of changes and improvements, one of them being support for plugins.

As a sample, I have created a new GitHub project called CivOne-Plugins. The first plugin (Better Menus) has also been added to the new plugins section on this website.

To read the changelog and discuss the game, I'd like to refer you to the CivFanatics forum thread.

New website backend

19 July 2017

Although it is not yet finished, I've been working on a new web design and a completely new web backend. I wanted to show off the new design, I hope you like it.

The interactive parts of the website will be rolled out over the coming weeks.