An open source implementation of Sid Meier's Civilization

Latest news

macOS builds

22 March 2018

After a couple of less active months, development of CivOne has resumed and a lot of nice features have been implemented.

Preview builds are now being built using a handy bash script on the server, making it a lot easier to make new releases available on the website. You can expect new preview builds more often now.

Starting today, the preview builds for macOS (10.12 and higher) are also available for downloading.

Variable map sizes

6 December 2017

I have posted a new preview build (r1300), which improves save game compatibility with the original game a lot.

Other features include City Corruption and experimental support for variable map sizes (ranging from 40x25 to 160x100).

New website domain

5 December 2017

I have changed the website domain to, because it seemed .org is more appropriate for an open-source project. The website is still available through the old .com domain name.

The website backend has also received an update, and I've split the download page into seperate pages for the Windows, Linux and macOS versions. There's going more updates to the website in the coming weeks, including an official plugin database and GitHub integration. Keep checking the website.

Finally, about the game: I'm going to try and post a new build of CivOne tomorrow.

Load/Save game compatibility

26 November 2017

The past week, I've a lot of work on rewriting load save games. The games loaded and saved by CivOne should be a bit more compatible with the original game. Currently, only about 50% of the save game fields have been implemented so not everything is working, but we're getting there.

A new version is available on the Downloads page.

Raspberry Pi

19 November 2017

I've created a new version again. I'm going to enable auto build from GitHub soon, so nightly builds can be placed on the website automatically.

Just for fun, I tried running CivOne on my Raspberry Pi 3 (running Raspbian) today and it worked. Bit laggy, but that was to be expected. I might start releasing ARM builds too.