An open source implementation of Sid Meier's Civilization

Latest news

Website Development

9 April 2018

In the past couple of days, I've rolled out and improved several website features. There's now a simple search box so you'll be able to find content quickly. The news and plugins pages have been improved, and the website styles have been improved.

A lot more work is going in the background and I'm going to keep rolling out new features over the coming week. To stay up to date with recent changes to the website, you can have a look at the Website Information page.

I'm going to stop pointing out every time there's a new preview build available on the website, as releases happen more often now, and mostly contain one or two bug fixes. You can see the latest release version number and build date in the sidebar.

GitHub documents

5 April 2018

The GitHub repository now has a Code of conduct and a Contibuting guide.

I have also placed a new preview build (r1449) on the website, which fixes some bugs that were present in the previous build.

Alpha.1 progress

4 April 2018

There's only 6 open bugs for the Alpha.1 release, so a final release is not far off. Preview r1436 is now available. It adds the advance selection dialog when capturing a city. This build should also fix the crashes when starting the game in 16-colour mode.

Last, but not least, this version adds the options to add and remove plugins to the Setup screen, making it easier to manage the plugins without having to manually copy files.

With the final Alpha.1 release in sight, testing becomes more important than ever. Please, download the new preview and report any bugs you might find to GitHub, or join the discussion at the CivFanatics forum thread. Thank you!

Update: I have created a new build, r1440, which is a small update that allows you to enter setup without entering command line parameters.

SDL Audio support

2 April 2018

After lots of hard work, a new preview version of CivOne is ready. Highlights for this version include SDL audio support, expanded plugin support and lots of bug fixes.

You can download version r1417 on the Downloads page, and you can find several plugins on the Plugins page.

Diplomat functions

23 March 2018

A new preview release is available. This new version adds Establish Embassy, Investigate City and Steal Technology diplomat functions.